5 Things

5 Things

Here are five things that made me pause over the last week or so.

The $27B+ Open Source Software Paradox by Joseph Jacks, Svtble.

Exclusive: How to Break Up the Silicon Valley Boys’ Club by Susan Wojciki, Vanity Fair. It's good to see more and more women in tech writing about the boys club in tech.

Running a business with boobs: the things I never say by Learn and Jesse Genet, medium.com. This post from Jesse is so good.

Anxiety, depression, distraction — what if the cure is just outside? by Amelia Urry, grist.org. #optoutside

This Man Makes Founders Cry by Jessi Hempel, backchannel.com. I'm really looking forward to the Reboot Bootcamp next weekend.

Header photo from Unsplash. Thanks!