I am often asked for book suggestions for product builders (Product Managers, Product Designers, Project Managers, Software Engineers, etc.) about the craft of building products, so here's a list of books that have helped me throughout my career in different ways. Truthfully, these books are also great for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who are building teams and companies.

Each of these books have shaped my thinking and my approach to designing and shipping products and to leading product development teams. Even if you aren't a people manager, the ability to manage, coach, and lead people and teams to do their best work is a critical piece of the creative process.

Process & Analysis

Storytelling, Communication & Writing

Management & Leadership

Design & Creativity

Motivation, Inspiration & Influence

If you have suggestions to add, please do let me know. It's not lost on me that so many of these books are written by men. I'm especially interested in learning about books written by women and underrepresented minorities on the topics of creativity, communication, leadership, persuasion, product development processes, and beyond. Thank you!

Books for People Who Make Things