I think I first heard the term "Digital Sabbath" from Brad Feld. I'm drawn to the idea of a weekly ritual to unwind and recharge. Too often, I mindlessly read or work on my phone or laptop, and I've been wanting to read more books and truly unplug. So, this weekend was my first Digital Sabbath from Friday night until Sunday morning. No phone. No email. No work. No computer.

It was pretty easy to get into the flow on things. My sleeping pattern has been hit or miss the past several months, so I was quite happy with 10 hours of sleep on Friday night. On Saturday morning, instead of reaching for my phone, I grabbed a book and my Five Minute Journal. I spent 30 minutes journaling and reading. I meditated. I then went for a walk on the beach followed by some errands and chores. I had some chill time in the afternoon, so I read a bit more and took a nap. It was hard not to glance at emails, Slack, and the news, but I resisted. Then it was time to prepare and cook dinner, watch a movie, and I was in bed by 9pm.

I intended for my Sabbath to end on Sunday morning, but I continued in the flow in the morning. Sunday was a bit of a repeat of Saturday. I'm now catching up on a few emails and social posts. It feels like it was a good respite.