Please Star Reaction on GitHub

Please Star Reaction on GitHub

We're a small, early-stage startup. We don't have a big team. We don't have a lot of money. We are, in essence, the underdog. We depend on friends and community to help us, inspire us, and lead us. "It takes a village" is an old adage that would be applicable here, and that’s partly because we are the David to our competitor's Goliath. They each have hundreds of employees, millions of dollars, and a much greater reach than we currently have.

But guess what? We have just as much, if not more, heart than they do.

I’m going to be honest: startups are hard. We're faced with huge obstacles and hurdles every single day. We're faced with doubters and skeptics left and right. We’re faced with clients, investors, and random people who ask us to explain, again and again, why we exist, and why we matter.

So here's why:

  • Commerce has a long way to go. We hear it every single day: there absolutely needs to be a more modern commerce platform. Retailers, brands, startups, and makers are stuck on legacy solutions or closed providers. Just yesterday, I spoke to a great business that’s completely stuck with a broken site, and their current provider won't support them! I've said this before, but it's worth repeating: all of the existing market-leading platforms came out before the launch of the first iPhone. It's time for there to be a better way for commerce businesses to build and operate.

  • Reaction is completely open source. We believe that open source is the only way we can succeed. Our code is GPL licensed, and it is available for free for anyone in the world to download and use. Unlike other projects, we aren't planning on having a community edition (with fewer features) and a premium pay-for enterprise edition (with more features), and that’s because our community is our lifeblood. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to build and maintain Reaction for the world to use.

  • JavaScript and node.js are the right solutions for commerce. Don't just listen to us. Walmart, Facebook, and Netflix, along with many other major companies, are investing in JavaScript. Our entire stack is JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which gives businesses the ability to take control and move faster. In the rapidly changing world of retail, businesses can no longer afford to be stuck on brittle systems. Ecommerce is growing and businesses need to keep up. A modern technology stack is key to surviving and key to hiring talent. Developers actually want to be working on node, React, and...Reaction!

In the open source world that we live and thrive in, GitHub is our lifeblood, and GitHub stars are an important sign of our health. Right now, we're the 3rd largest open source commerce project on GitHub in terms of stars/followers. It would mean a great deal to get to #1.

Please star us on GitHub!

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