On Unplugging

I spent a good part of the last few weeks finalizing our Vacation and Time Off Guide at Reaction Commerce. As part of a phased roll out, I first shared the Guide with the Leadership Team to get their input,

Some Thoughts on Loneliness

Every month, I send an email update to our investors and advisors. It's a helpful exercise to step back to reflect on what's working and what's not, but, candidly, it’s harder to admit the struggles than the victories. I

My Top Calendar Hacks

The last few months have been insane. The days, weeks and months have flown by, and, honestly, it’s been a little unnerving. It seems like my calendar and inbox are in control instead of my objectives and priorities. It

This is Hard (Year One Startup Thoughts)

A few months ago, I co-founded a company, Reaction Commerce, and blogged about Starting up on $10k. The last sentence was: “Of course, we’re not paying ourselves at the moment so check back regularly to see how things are