On Reference Calls

I've been doing a bunch of reference calls lately for due diligence on hires and strategic partnerships. As part of this, I've looked around to see if there were any helpful tips or guides for doing reference checks. To my

Some Thoughts on Loneliness

Every month, I send an email update to our investors and advisors. It's a helpful exercise to step back to reflect on what's working and what's not, but, candidly, it’s harder to admit the struggles than the victories. I

The Chatham House Rule Applies

I was recently invited to a founders event where the invitation listed some House Rules. The first Rule was "The Chatham House Rule applies." Then, in small print at the bottom of the list of House Rules, there

On One-on-Ones

It’s my favorite part of managing people and undoubtedly the most satisfying and memorable part of my career: meeting with people one-on-one. It might even be the key to growing teams and building successful businesses. For me, a one-on-one

Playing Moneyball With a Lean Startup Budget

I love sports of all kinds—team sports, individual sports, local and international events. In sports, an individual or a group of people set goals, acquire the knowledge and skills to accomplish their goals, and meet challenges along the way.

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