Here's the 2019 edition of what's in my bag. I've been riding my bike a bit more, so I've simplified what I carry back and forth from the office and home. After putting together this year's post, I think I will trim a few more items.

  1. Topo Designs backpack - I love this backpack, and I get quite a few compliments on it. It's not the perfect bag in terms of pockets, but it more than makes up for it in looks.
  2. iPadPro, 11-inch, with Pencil and Keyboard case - The iPad has become an essential part of my day.
  3. Kindle Voyage with blue leather cover - It's hard to believe that this same Kindle has been on the list for 3 years in a row. Maybe it's time to upgrade to one of their new devices?
  4. Five-Minute Journal - This is still a daily practice for me.
  5. Bellroy Travel Wallet - This has my passport in it and probably some Euros from my last trip to Germany.
  6. Satechi Multiport Hub - A critical device with the Air.
  7. Bellroy Classic Pouch - This is a perfect size. Contains a myriad of chargers, cables, etc. I should inventory everything in this, but I ran out of steam.
  8. Bose QC35 II Wireless Headphones - These fit me well. I usually put them on right when I get on planes and leave them on the entire flight.
  9. Reaction-branded Patagonia Nano-Air Vest
  10. Deck of cards - Playing a couple games of solitaire before bed when I'm traveling helps me to unwind.
  11. Reaction Commerce Notebook
  12. Reaction Commerce Stickers
  13. Nitecore flashlight
  14. Tom Binh accessory bag pen/pencil, clear
  15. Lamy Pico Ballpoint Pen
  16. Twin Tip Sharpie
  17. Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5 Black Pen
  18. Muji Pen - My recent go-to.
  19. Kingston Data Traveler
  20. Tom Binh accessory bag medium, clear - I still appreciate this clear organizer pouch.
  21. Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy - Overpriced, but I love it.
  22. Advil and Aleve in a small pill case from MoMA
  23. Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  24. Refresh eye drops
  25. Glide Dental Floss
  26. Burts Bees All Weather Lip Balm
  27. Burts Bees Lip Shimmer
  28. Aquaphor Lip Repair
  29. JB Intense Therapy Lip Balm - Who knew I was carrying so many lip balms? Sheesh.
  30. Aveda Breath Refresher
  31. Pocket Size Tape Measurer
  32. Mirror - This was a gift from an investor.
  33. Hotlix Toothpicks
  34. Neuro Gum - I use this sparingly, but it sure helps when I need it.
  35. Mintia Breath Mints
  36. Five Rain Spearmint Gum
  37. Bellroy Pencil Case - Miscellaneous personal items.
  38. Reaction-branded Baggu bag - This is handy to have for grocery shopping.
  39. Bandana - Tie dye for the win.
  40. LA Lakers Baseball Cap - I think it was a Dodgers hat last year. I'm pretty loyal to most Southern California teams.
  41. Tissues Travel Pack with a Muji travel case.
  42. Merino Wool Buff
  43. BKR Water Bottle
  44. Ottolock bike lock - This is a great, lightweight, and secure design.
  45. Reflective, Neoprene Pant Strap for Biking
  46. Reaction Commerce-branded MiiR Tumbler - New team swag!
  47. MacBookAir, 13-inch - I'm so glad Apple brought back the Air.
  48. Apple AiPods - IMO, these are the best Apple product since the launch of the iPhone.
  49. Bose QC 20 Earbuds - Great for running.
  50. Warby Parker eyeglass case & cleaning cloth - These contain my prescription sunglasses.