Hi, I'm Sara. I'm a product leader and company builder. I’m also a founding partner and executive leadership coach at The Intentional Organization. I enjoy art, cycling, and cooking. Yoga, too.

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It's Tomato Season

We've been overwhelmed, in the best way, with an abundance of tomatoes and basil from our garden. You know what they say, "When life gives you tomatoes...", so almost every day I've made either a tomato salad, tomato paninis, pesto,

How We Make Pizza

Lately, we've been making pizza on our grill almost once a week. It's one of our favorite things to make when we have friends over for dinner. A friend asked for our recipe, and I wrote out the following instructions.

Book: High Output Management

This is another book that I've easily read a handful of times. "High Output Management" by Andy Grove is a must-read for managers and leaders, but it's also a must read for any team member or person interested in how

East Side Gallery in Berlin

I once worked for a non-profit that was centered around murals and public art. We commissioned many of the mural programs for the City of Los Angeles. It's where I learned of the importance of public art as social glue.

What are we going to do about the U$A???

I was sitting in a restaurant by myself in Berlin having a pizza late on a Sunday night. It was the type of restaurant that has a ton of graffiti on the walls from their customers. I looked up and