In the Spring of 2021, I put together a talk for LeadDev titled "Crafting an Intentional Process." As part of that talk, I'm sharing a simple document tempate that I use when creating a new process. I hope this is helpful to you and your teams, and if you have any suggestions to add please let me know.

Simple template for crafting an intentional process

(Feel free to copy and paste this template into your preferred document editor. When this template is filled out, it should be no more than 2 pages long.These documents can live in GitHub, Google Drive, Confluence or whatever wiki or repository is used by the team. It just needs to be consistent and accessible.)

Project name



Created date

Document status

e.g. Open for comments, or Final.


e.g. Comments close on [insert date/time] or Next working group meeting is on [insert date/time]

Purpose & Summary

What is the purpose of this process? What is the issue that you’re seeing that is motivating this decision or change? What is the problem statement?

Is there additional background or context for this process?


What’s the decision you are proposing and/or already doing? And why?

What are the other options that were considered?

Here you’d include what has been proposed, accepted, rejected, deprecated, etc.


What are the consequences? What becomes easier or more difficult to do because of this change?