Being Intentional

Strike a Power Pose

. 2 min read . Written by Sara Hicks

This is a new series called “Being Intentional,” where I will share stories and examples of being intentional in work and in life. Too often, we move around our daily lives on autopilot. We treat most moments as insignificant and are often distracted and rushed. There’s great power in being deliberate and having purpose. There’s satisfaction and calmness in taking time to plan and to focus, even in the small moments.

Here’s a recent example. I had the chance to lead a Value Proposition Workshop for the Slauson & Co’s Family & Friends accelerator cohort of 20 companies. These are startup founders who are leaping high hurdles while spending way too much time in video meetings, so I knew that I would need to bring high energy for the 90-minute session. I also knew that I would need to increase the energy in the virtual room, so as the session was starting, I planned to have everyone strike a power pose. I told them that on the count of three, I wanted them all to strike a funny, silly, power pose and, if they could, to even scream a little scream, to boost the energy. 

This is what it looked like:

It only took a couple of seconds to do this, and it immediately changed the energy. It also only took me a couple of minutes to plan it, but it was a deliberate and intentional act. I’m a believer in using somatic techniques to shift the energy in a situation. By having folks shift their bodies by raising their hands and arms, smiling, and/or clapping, we all got to do something together which united the group. When I was venture fundraising or before I would give a talk at a conference, I would regularly go into the bathroom or find a quiet spot, and strike a power pose to shift my energy and boost my confidence. At home, before important virtual meetings, I sometimes will do a few push ups to feel strong and to increase my energy. 

The next time you’re leading a meeting, try this simple exercise! It works.